Practically, the entire current “commercial” world focuses its activities in China. The possibilities offered by the country of the measure are enormous, starting from new technologies through high-quality materials at attractive prices. These factors make the Chinese market strongly attract producers from different countries who want to present attractive offers. Therefore, it is unwarrantedly called the production base of the world.

Have you ever been to China? No? Believe me, you should not be afraid of it. A trip to the country of the Ming Dynasty even for business purposes is not complicated. For this it can bring tangible benefits and unforgettable impressions. However, remember to organize a trip well.

The first step you should take is to determine the direction and purpose in which you are going. Let’s assume that you want to participate in the largest kitchen and bath equipment show – Kitchen & Bath China held in Shanghai. It is a cyclical event, which this year will be held for the 24th time. Both exhibitors and visitors participating in it have the chance to visit 17 pavilions located 200,000 m2, talk to partners and specialists, see the products they offer , make good friends and even conclude interesting cooperation agreements.


If you want to go to China you need a visa. In Poland, we can apply for it in two places. They are the Consulate General of the PRC in Gdansk and the Embassy of the PRC (located in Warsaw). You can download the application on the website, which should then be printed and completed. The cost of a visa is about PLN 445.


Currently, paying with the help of a telephone, or rather WeChat, is becoming more and more popular in China. Credit cards are not often used. Not all Polish banks have the option of using the card abroad. However, it is recommended to have cash. Exchange of zlotys into yuan may be difficult. However, it is possible. It is worth contacting the selected currency exchange and checking how much money you would like to exchange. The easiest way to do this is in Warsaw or in exchange offices located at airports. There is also an option to exchange the Polish currency for dollars or euros and after landing in China, exchange again at the exchange office (this time on the yuan).


At this time, airlines do not offer direct flights to Shanghai. Therefore, the simplest solution is a direct flight to Beijing and from there the internal lines to Shanghai. Currently, the cost of a return flight ticket, eg. for LOT airlines, is around 2 500 zlotys. However, it should be remembered that offers can change.


The modern world can not do without Internet and mobile devices. Once you get there, we recommend buying a Chinese SIM card. It will be possible already at the airport. It will make it easier for us to function in China. You will need a passport to purchase to be able to register your card. Prices start from 40 yuan.

When organizing a trip to China, it is good to get acquainted with the issue of the Internet in China. Wi-fi is available in almost every restaurant, shopping center or hotel. (Confirmation of identity is often required, which can be done with Wechat). Internet in China, however, differs significantly from that known to us in the West. Using Google is almost impossible. Logging in to Facebook, or wanting to check your e-mail on Gmail turns out to be equally problematic.

As you can see, a trip to China is not difficult. Having knowledge of the four basic aspects of travel, we can easily start planning a trip.