Trade fairs are one of the best and cheapest marketing tools. Due to their specific character, they are a unique opportunity to establish direct contacts both on the part of exhibitors and visitors. The business meetings which had place at that time are able to increase sales success several times. All thanks to face-to-face conversations during which it is possible to present direct offer.

As exhibitors, we should remember that visitors to the fair are not accidental recipients, but belong to our target group. Therefore, we should focus all our attention on them. Therefore, we should focus all our attention on them. Each of these people is our potential client who appearing at the fair is often at the stage of making decisions about the purchase of a given offer. So present yourself as best as possible.

Thanks to trade fairs, Exhibitors have a unique chance to:

  • acquire new business contacts and clients
  • maintain a relationship with existing clients
  • the opportunity to present new products that they want to bring to market
  • get an immediate opinion about your own offer
  • strengthening the position of the brand and determining its position in relation to the competition


For this group of participants, trade fairs a great opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of individual exhibitors and to directly convince themselves how they look, operate and present the products which are offered. As a result, potential customers increase their awareness of particular brands and the range they present.

During the fair, visitors have the opportunity to talk to experts, consult the product, get to know new products and innovative solutions that will be used by the industry in the future. Such activities allow for comparatively perfect offers and their objective evaluation.